The perfect rendezvous location in any weather

The classic pavilion shape with its modern style elements and a weather-resistant round tube construction is perfect for social gatherings in urban environments - in parks, at schoolyards, and on company premises, for example. Available in hexagonal and octagonal variants and mutually combinable, the "Paris" system can fulfil a wide range of size requirements.

  • Hexagonal and octagonal variants
  • Combinable to larger units
  • Classic nostalgia and modern technology seamlessly united
  • Easily portable

Discover the many facets of "Paris"

This pavilion architecture is an ideal meeting place for small and medium-sized groups. Protected from the wind and weather, an optional bench or central table enhances the opportunity to indulge in communication. Thanks to the construction's genial contour, in "Paris" one automatically stands in a circle facing one another.

The shelter´s round tubing steel frame construction is corrosion-resistant and colour-coated with a pitched roof available in glass or galvanised sheet steel. The circular fascia cleverly hides the rain run-off. The rain water passes through the inner structure to just above ground level where a spout directs it away. The bright glass side elements can be provided with printing on request and are executed, as is the glass roof, in high quality safety glass.

Standing together or sitting together - and wherever possible in a pleasant atmosphere. Customers often come to us with this specification for the design of a smoking shelter or a local meeting point. We can refer them in very good conscience to our "Paris" series, which offers exactly that: Hexagonally or octagonally designed, your employees or customers are protected from the weather in an elegant pavilion of glass and steel. "Paris" is a really comfortable way of coming together in public space.

Gabriele Staufner
Customer Success Manager

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Technical Specs

Feature Paris
Roof shape pyramid roof (tent)
Roof length up to 3300 mm
Roof depth up to 3300 mm
Total height up to 3100 mm
Clearance (usable int. height) 2200 mm
Roof material laminated safety glass
Construction material -
Construction surface hot-dipped galvanised and colour coated
Colour design RAL of your choice (except pearl and signal colours)
Rear wall single-paned toughened glass
Side walls single-paned toughened glass
Drainage via spouts
Mounting type for bolting (for concrete embedment on request)
Paving possible (please specify)
Snow load on the base to 0.85 kN/m, higher snow loads on request
Transport fully assembled or in kit form, depending on the model
Statics typification -

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