A refined pent roof and expansive glass surfaces - an elegant affair

Thanks to its cantilevered pent roof, the “Hamburg" makes a modern statement: high-quality tension rods support the roof with its large laminated safety glass surfaces like a bridge, thus ensuring its elegant appearance. Use of the side glass elements result in a highly visible and bright canopy. When the sun doesn´t shine, the optional LED lighting can provide the right illumination.
The system offers you a long-lasting, high quality, and inviting canopy system that feels at home in a civic environment and radiates urban savoir vivre.

  • Elegant and modern design
  • High quality accessories available
  • Cantilevered roof
  • Upgrades any cityscape

Discover the modern canopy with charisma

To give the urban environment a modern touch with an attractive bus stop, the "Hamburg" shelter system is the perfect choice. Waiting here is an enjoyable experience.

Large glass elements (laminated safety glass in the roof and single-pane safety glass in the side elements), a cantilevered pent roof, and unobtrusive draining inside the corrosion-resistant galvanised steel beams give the construction style and class. The entire enclosure is of an extreme high-quality and is designed for durability thanks to galvanising.
With or without side elements: the roof is self-supporting and can even withstand heavy stress, thanks to the bridge-like structure. The stable tension members hold the roof in place and prevent yielding. The system is therefore elegant in appearance, while strong in application.

In addition, you can refine the enclosure with elegant accessories from our accessories portfolio. Thus, we offer a modern LED lighting system that gives the "Hamburg" a radiant appearance even at night. This is matched by an advanced solar pillar for independent power generation. These make the comfortable and refined wooden benches almost mandatory.

You would rather use the "Hamburg" as a cycle shelter? No problem, you'll own the most beautiful shelter system on the block!

Who said that bus stops can´t be elegant? Our "Hamburg" shelter proves exactly that. The response from our customers to the design and architecture of this model is unique. "Hamburg" upgrades any cityscape – of course the self-supporting pent roof carries its weight in the beautification. An outstanding eye catcher – self-evidently in our usual house quality.

Christian Mortsiefer
Customer Success Manager

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Technical Specs

Feature Hamburg
Roof shape suspended roof construction
Roof length -
Roof depth -
Total height -
Clearance (usable int. height) -
Roof material laminated safety glass
Construction material -
Construction surface hot-dipped galvanised and colour coated
Colour design RAL of your choice (except pearl and signal colours)
Rear wall single-paned toughened glass
Side walls single-paned toughened glass
Drainage via spouts
Mounting type -
Paving possible (please specify)
Snow load on the base to 0.85 kN / m, higher snow loads on request
Transport as a kit for assembly on-site
Statics typification -

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