Perfect dimensions: Maximally expandable thanks to a standardised system

The "Leipzig" is impressive in its simplicity and flexibility. The solid construction features a practical system of basic and extension units. Your shelter structure can be infinitely expanded, making it suitable for multifold applications. A selection of different trim variants underscores this versatility.

  • Simple and solid construction
  • Wide range of applications
  • Good price/performance ratio
  • Kit for self-installation

Discover how practical and versatile "Leipzig" is

The standardised basic system offers many options for customisation to individual needs. No matter what you decide, the "Leipzig" always cuts a good figure. It is well-suited as a robust protection for goods of all kinds - whether as an open, semi-open, or closed system.

Different options are available for the side walls: opaque profile sheet metal, sheet metal, or wooden panels as individual elements - or elegant glass. The "Leipzig" system is versatile and always offers the right solution.

The practical profile sheet roofing has a three-sided bolt-on fascia, directing rainwater to the rear. Nonetheless, it retains the character of a classic flat roof construction. The enclosure is weather resistant and protected against corrosion by galvanising, so that it will give joy long into the future.

The "Leipzig" is supplied as a kit and is also suitable for hard to reach locations. The easy-to-understand instructions make for easy assembly. The individual parts are bolted, providing for excellent stability. As standard, the shelter is anchor-bolted down.

This model is the perfect combination of a very good price-performance ratio and high flexibility. The requirements of our customers for shelters are extremely diverse - the "Leipzig" model fulfils very many of them. The basic system is quasi infinitely expandable and can easily be adapted to changing circumstances. Thanks to the delivery as a kit even the customer can do that him/herself.

Ingo Solbach
Customer Success Manager

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Technical Specs

Feature Leipzig
Roof shape flat roof, roof frame height 150mm
Roof length from 2250 mm optionally extendable, extension increment 4300 mm
Roof depth 1500 mm
Total height 1740 mm
Clearance (usable int. height) 2050 mm
Roof material strip galvanised und powder coated both sides in grey white similar to RAL 9002
Construction material steel construction, posts and wall supports out of square tubing
Construction surface hot-dip galvanised and colour coated
Colour design standard RAL 9002 (other colours on request)
Rear wall trapezoidal sheet metal panels, corrugated iron or toughened single-pane glass
Side walls trapezoidal sheet metal panels, corrugated iron or toughened single-pane glass
Drainage drains free at rear (rain gutter and downspout optional)
Mounting type for bolting
Paving not possible
Snow load on the base to 0.75 kN / m²
Transport as a kit for assembly on-site
Statics typification -

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