The inexpensive and practical way to protect bikes from the elements.

The "Bamberg" model brings momentum into the world of bicycle parking facilities. Available in two sizes, the shelter with its curved polycarbonate roofing makes for outstanding weather protection. The entire construction is corrosion-resistant and hence long-lasting. By using the optional side walls, one can attain an even better wind protection. The kit is easy to assemble and deliverable at short notice.

  • Simple and solid construction
  • Perfect for use as a cycle shelter
  • Available in two sizes
  • Short delivery time

Discover the perfect companion to our bicycle parking systems

The "Bamberg" system is a well-rounded outfit: In conjunction with our handy bicycle parking systems Bamberg provides the perfect symbiosis as an inexpensive, yet fully-fledged cycle shelter. Your bikes will thank you, because when they´re no longer freely exposed to the elements, they´ll last longer and keep their value. The canopy is corrosion-resistant thanks to the hot-dip galvanised steel frame. The roof element and the optional side walls are made of high quality polycarbonate which are just as weather resistant as the frame.

Available in two sizes (2,040 mm high and 4,080 mm in wide), they can be pre-equipped for serial installation by request, so that even larger numbers of bicycles can be parked - thus making it easy for your employees or customers to choose this alternative means of transport.

The shelter is supplied in kit form, including a foundation plan and assembly instructions which leave no questions unanswered. Not only quickly delivered, the "Bamberg" model is up and running in no time.

It is no coincidence that our customers often order the "Bamberg" model in combination with our bicycle parking systems. The curved roofing rounds off a practical, cost-effective solution for even a large demand for sheltered bicycle parking spaces. "Bamberg" is supplied as a kit in two available sizes and is easily assembled according to individual customer requirements. We see a real advantage in this and in the short delivery times.

Andreas Hombach
Customer Success Manager

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Technical Specs

Feature Bamberg
Roof shape arched
Roof length 2040 mm or 4080 mm
Roof depth 2180 mm
Total height 2290 mm
Clearance (usable int. height) 2200 mm
Roof material with polycarbonate (transparent) or aluminium corrugated sheeting
Construction material -
Construction surface hot-dipped galvanised and optional colour coated
Colour design RAL of your choice (except pearl and signal colours)
Rear wall single-paned toughened glass
Side walls single-paned toughened glass
Drainage free dripping
Mounting type for bolting
Paving not possible
Snow load on the base -
Transport as a kit for field assembly on-site
Statics typification -

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