The right place for your DIN notices

The elegant "PN/PR" notice board models are matched to the DIN sizes A0 to A4. They captivate with their high quality appearance and are particularly suitable for narrow hallways, corridors, and stairways with their shallow depth of 30 mm. They can be used in portrait and landscape format and for indoor and outdoor installation as they are extremely versatile.

  • High-quality design
  • A4 to A0 sizes available
  • Portrait or landscape format mounting possible
  • Narrow depth of only 30 mm
  • Scratch-resistant back wall

Due to their matched measurements, the "PN/PR" series notice boards are practical display cases for printed products from DIN A4 to A0. Cinema posters, timetables, or information of any kind are elegantly and appealingly presented.

With their low overall depth of 30 mm and useable depth of 10 mm, the notice boards are ideal for use in confined spaces or other places where a shallow profile is desired.
The notice boards can be mounted both in a horizontal and vertical format. The opening direction of the swing door is dependent on the mounting. They can also be mounted on a stand.

The profiles come standard anodised in aluminium silver, and are alternatively available in stainless steel look. The corner profiles can be delivered either square (Model "PN") or with round corner joints (Model "PR"). The round corner joints are zinc die cast and, unlike plastic connectors, particularly durable. They are designed as an accident prevention measure, making the "PR" model well suited for public buildings.

The similarly silver anodised rear wall is magnetic and scratch resistant, making it particularly suitable for frequent poster changes.
The implementation of toughened glass or acrylic glass ensures that your notices are secured against unauthorised access (model "PN/PR 0").
The front mounted safety locks are supplied with two keys and are also optionally available as triangular locks.

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Technical Specs

Feature PN / PR
Installation site weatherproof for indoors and outdoors
Width from 290 mm to 920 mm
Height from 377 mm to 1268 mm
Depth 30 mm
Display area 1 x DIN A1 - DIN A0
Material up to DIN A1 tempered safety glass, DIN A0 acrylic glass
Surface finish aluminium silver anodised or colour coated
Corner shape mitred or zinc die-cast corners
Opening type side hinged door
Mounting type wall or stand mounting
Lighting no, no lighting
Interior heating no
Certification yes, except for PN0
Transport no kit
Rear panel, silver, white, blue, grey scratch-resistant, silver
Closure from the front

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