Elegant and with many practical extras

Our sliding door notice boards are equipped with useful features. The roller-bearing sliding doors and integrated handle grip open easily and the glass doors are equipped with a high quality lock and safety catch to provide substantial theft protection. Your notices will find plenty of space on the scratch-resistant rear wall.

  • Roller bearing sliding doors
  • Recessed handles of die-cast zinc
  • Magnetic and scratch-resistant rear wall
  • High security for your notices

Sliding door notice boards have a great advantage: they can be used in places where space is limited, as no doors need to be swung open. Our "SN" and "SR" models differ from other notice boards thanks to many other useful features.
For example, the sliding doors are of single-pane toughened glass, roll on casters, and are equipped with quality handholds of zinc die-cast so that they can be comfortably and easily opened. This comfort pays off especially for regular and frequent changes of notices.
The sliding glass doors are secured with a safety catch and provided with a door shoe cylinder lock.

The aluminium frame is either anodised in silver or powder coated in an RAL colour. It is available with standard square frame corners or with rounded corner connectors of die-cast zinc which, compared to plastic corner connectors, have a much longer life. The total depth is 60 mm and the usable internal depth 33 mm.
Even with frequent use, the back wall continues to look appealing, as it is not only magnetic, but also scratch resistant. Four magnets are included in the delivery scope. Alternatively, we also supply a writeable rear wall in white or a corkboard rear wall. Additionally available is an optional writeable white headline band.
The notice boards are also suitable for mounting on stands.

As a contribution to increased safety, the "SN" and "SR" models possess the B1 material class Fire Safety Certificate.

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Technical Specs

Feature SN / SR
Installation site for indoors
Width from 790 mm to 2000 mm wide
Height from 790 mm to 1060 mm high
Depth 60 mm outer depth
Display area up to 27 x DIN A4
Material tempered safety glass
Surface finish aluminium silver anodised or colour coated
Corner shape mitred or zinc die cast corners
Opening type roller bearing sliding doors
Mounting type wall or stand mounting
Lighting no
Interior heating no
Certification yes
Transport no kit
Rear panel, silver, white, blue, grey scratch-resistant, silver
Closure from the front

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