Protects axles, spokes, and brakes

The Multi Parker 8000 bicycle parking system cares about your bicycles: the deeply indented holding hoops spare your axles, spokes, and disc brakes - even when reverse parking.

  • Space-saving
  • Expandable to a row system
  • Different versions available
  • Shipping within 24 hours

Spatial miracle for safe parking.

Make room! The alternating low/high setting with a wheel spacing of 350 mm - or double-sided of 700 mm - provides space-saving parking even for wide bikes such as mountain bikes. The hoop width is suitable for bikes with up to 55 mm wide tyres. The parking space depth for one-sided parking is approximately 1850 mm, and for double-sided parking is approximately 3200 mm.

For those who need more: The frame rest parkers are pre-engineered for serial connection and floor mounting, and are infinitely expandable.
The product is shipped in recyclable packaging including screws and installation instructions.

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Technical Specs

Feature Multiparker 8000 Multiparker 8100
Model type roll-in parker roll-in parker
Parking spaces 2-6 bicycles 4-12 bicycles
Total length from 700 mm to 2100 mm from 700 mm to 2100 mm
Total height 415 mm 415 mm
Storage depth 1850 mm 3200 mm
Lateral spacing between bikes 350 mm 350 mm
Tyre width up to 55 mm up to 55 mm
Material steel steel
Surface galvanised or colour coated galvanised or colour coated
Parking single-sided double-sided
Mounting type ground / floor mounting ground / floor mounting
Certification - -
Assembly type kit kit

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