Popular and simple

The “Hoop Parker 2000” is one of our best-selling bike racks. No wonder. After all, its simple structure and its ease of use are convincing arguments over and over again.

  • Space-saving parking anywhere
  • Also available in stainless steel
  • Shipping within 24 hours

Simply convincing

Parking the easy way: “The Hoop Parker 2000” has resilient, stable circular shaped tube brackets that narrow at the back, thus providing a secure footing for the bicycle. All cycles with a maximum tyre width of 55mm can find a place here.

The parking system retains its value and remains rust-free through galvanising, making it suitable for installation at any location. A particularly high-quality and elegant stainless steel version is also available.

Space for all: The alternating high / low setting of the “Hoop Parker 2000” provides sufficient clearance between the bicycles. The double sided parking saves space and provides for a high number of parking slots which, through serial connection, can be increased indefinitely.

Better safe than sorry: so that the “Hoop Parker 2000” does not deviate from the spot while parking, the parking system can either be embedded in concrete or doweled into the ground.

The “Hoop Parker 2000” is delivered via a parcel service. Thanks to the clear assembly instructions, the subsequent installation is very simple.

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Technical Specs

Feature Hoop Parker 2000 / 2000 BF Hoop Parker 2100
Model type roll-in parker roll-in parker
Parking spaces 2-6 bicycles 4-12 bicycles
Total length from 780 mm to 2340 mm from 780 mm to 2340 mm
Total height 415 mm 415 mm
Storage depth 1850 mm 3200 mm
Lateral spacing between bikes 350 mm / 390 mm 390 mm
Tyre width up to 55 mm up to 55 mm
Material steel or stainless steel steel or stainless steel
Surface galvanised and colour coated galvanised and colour coated
Parking single-sided double-sided
Mounting type ground / floor mounting ground / floor mounting
Certification - -
Assembly type kit kit

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