Place and order within a confined space

Who hasn´t experienced thet: there is always a lack of space for storing bikes. Enough! Our Serial Hanging Parker 3800 is a particularly space-saving parking system that provides place and order. In the process it is suitable for all types of bike with all tyre widths.

  • Easy installation on ceilings and walls
  • Rim friendly plastic coating
  • Eyelets for lock fastening
  • Shipping within 24 hours

Space-saving mounting for all bicycle sizes

This is a hold up: the Serial Hanging Parker 3800 is composed of a heavy-duty steel angle-iron construction with massive hooks and can accommodate any type of bicycle and any tyre width. The installation is simple, with dowels on the ceiling or walls. Steel eyelets serve as protection against theft.

The suspension hooks have a rim-friendly plastic coating in a red signal colour.
The 3800 model is optionally available with galvanising or colour coating.

Here's how it works: due to the vertically offset high / low hanging, the spacing between hooks is only 350 mm. The recommended hook height is approx. 2000 mm. For hanging bicycles a depth of only about 1100 mm is required.
The Serial Hanging Parker 3800 is delivered quickly and economically in recyclable packaging via a parcel service. The delivery includes screws and assembly instructions.

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Technical Specs

Feature 3800
Model type hanging parker
Parking spaces 2-8 bicycles
Total length from 500 mm to 2600 mm
Total height 350 mm
Storage depth 1100 mm
Lateral spacing between bikes 350 mm
Tyre width -
Material steel
Surface galvanised or colour coated
Parking single-sided
Mounting type ceiling mounting / wall mounting
Certification -
Assembly type kit

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