The proven parking solution in three variants

Frame rest parkers are particularly popular with cyclists: simply roll the bike in, lock it, and done. Besides its proven classic 9100 model, WSM offers two other variants.
The 9200 model has an additional brace for added stability and security while the 9300 model has an additional cradle for which the front wheel also finds its optimal parking place.

  • Comfortable frame security for all types of bicycles
  • With durable steel tubing, the product is corrosion-resistant and long-lasting through galvanising
  • Optional for concreting or with base plates for bolting
  • Economic delivery in a triple set

Comfortably secure

WSM frame rest parkers 9100, 9200, and 9300 models offer comfortable, easy, and convenient parking for all types of bicycles and, thanks to the 48 mm diameter galvanised steel tubing, they are also stable and extremely durable. Concreted or with bolted base plates, the frame rest parker models stand their ground.

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